Production of dietary supplements or food additives covers products which help, enhance or assist the natural function in the organism. Dietary supplements contain one or more components: vitamins, minerals, herbal components, amino acids, concentrates, extracts, etc. These fall into the category of non-medicines. Due to poor nutritional habits, dietary supplements have a vital role in “providing” those vitamins, minerals and their complexes which are lacking in the organism. These products come in the form of capsules, tablets, syrups, drops…
Dietary supplements are to be used in established recommended daily allowances.

Cosmetic preparative production is in accordance with current standards for good manufacturing practice (GMP). The products contain high concentrations of active ingredients, giving the products their qualities. They are comprised of the finest substances and extracts. Cosmetics preparatives stand out because of their special applications in the treatment of conditions such as rheumatism, varicose veins, damage to the skin…

Multivitamin candy

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Pills for weight loss

Pills for weight loss, recommended for overweight people, are a food supplement based on the active physiological principles of powdered cinnamon peel, green tea leaf, powdered corn silk and vitamin C. They are used simultaneously with an appropriate dieting regime, limited intake of calories and an adequate physical activity.

Pills for digestive tract

Pills for digestive tract recommended to relieve problematic digestion, bloated, lazy bowel, gastritis, ulcers in the stomach and duodenum, hemorrhoids, colitis, as well as diseases of: pancreas, gall bladder, liver, kidney, urinary tract, ovaries, uterus…

Pills Q10

Coenzyme Q10

Pills Q10 is necessary to organism with following states and diseases: chronic fatigue, sclerosis, problems with cardio-vascular system, hypertension, hypertonia, diabetes, hypothroidism, obesity…

Antistress pills

Antistress pills relieve the consequences of daily stress, they bring back the feeling of calmness and security. They do not disturb working ability, and do not cause addiction.

Marigold cream

Marigold cream keeps the natural moisture, softness and elasticity of skin. It has wide spectrum of application, because it helps (regenerates) all skin types.

Horse balm

Horse balm applies as an aid in: rheumatism, arthritis, poor circulation…

Chamomile cream

Chamomile cream actively nurtures all skin types. It is used against inflammatory processes, sore spots, wounds, burns, eczema, scabs and irritation.

Aloe cream

Aloe cream is used to soothe skin irritations, burns, acnes and seborrhea.It moisturizes the skin.

Panthenol cream

Pantenol, Vitamin E i Alantoin

Panthenol cream is used for nourishing sensitive skin, renews irritated skin, as well as it protects skin from external influences.

Pills for circulation

Pills for circulation help to relieve the discomfort caused due to the disordered circulation. They are recommended to everyone, because good circulation is the right path to healthy body.

Pills for mouth

Pills for mouth recommended to relieve the symptoms caused by inflammation of throat, gums and sinuses.

Menopause pills

Menopause pills helpful for establishing hormonal balance, therefore they are recommended to women with increased symptoms of menopause, they are also beneficial for menstrual problems

Pills for eyes

Pills for eyes have beneficial effect on the protecting and improvement of vision, helping to protect eyes from damage that may cause cataracts, and to protect retina from free radical damages.

Pills for skin

Pills for skin regenerate and increase skin elasticity.

Gel for vein massage

Gel for vein massage applies for varicose and painful veins and broken capillaries.

Gel for massage of the spine and joints

Gel for massage of the spine and joints successfully reduces pain and discomfort in the area of the spine and joints.

Gel for toning the breasts, bottom and thighs

Gel for toning the breasts, bottom and thighs successfully tones breasts,bottom and thighs. Its beneficial composition will rejuvenate your body.

Lanolin cream (for nursing nipples)

Lanolin cream (for nursing nipples) soothes chapped and damaged breast nipples of the breast feeding women. It acts anti-inflammatory and protectively.

Hemo gel

Hemo gel (gel for hemorrhoids) has multiple effects: acts antiseptically,anti-inflammatory, anesthetically and strengthens diseased tissue.